“I cannot believe how much my posture has improved…various people have asked me if I’ve got taller! I know that long term pilates is definitely going to help me manage my back pain more effectively” – Emma

“Pam’s Pilates classes have become an essential part of my life style and well being. Through her teaching my core strength, balance and alignment have greatly improved. I thoroughly enjoy working in an atmosphere which is warm and friendly and doing me good at the same time! I would highly recommend Pam’s classes to everyone” – Lorna

“Since starting Pilates last year I have noticed remarkable improvement in my back pain and stiffness. Pam is a great teacher, who spends time with everybody to ensure that you are performing each exercise correctly, thereby maximising what you get out of classes. She also gives exercises that you can take away with you to do in your own time. I am totally hooked, my body feels fitter, my posture has improved and I can feel myself getting stronger each week!” – Lucy