About Pam Downing

CYQ Level 3 Advanced Clinical Pilates Instructor

Active IQ Level 3 Award in Designing Exercise Programmes for Older Adults

Specialist Modules include: Spinal Conditions, Hip and Knee, Shoulder Conditions

Barre Pilates Method Teacher

I am married with a daughter and the owner of two French Sheepdogs, Briards and an English Setter.

I have been practicing Pilates for sixteen years and teaching for thirteen years.

Playing county squash played havoc with my back later on in life causing much wear and tear. I was also a Personal Assistant for 12 years, a sedentary job, which led to lower back problems and postural issues.

I discovered Pilates sixteen years ago through a physiotherapist  I was seeing at the time.  Attending Pilates classes regularly over a period of time has completely changed my posture and re-aligned and strengthened my body so that I no longer feel the pain I used to.  My passion then led me to become a Pilates teacher having been so inspired by my own teacher at the time.

I encourage my students to be as body aware as I am and will always make the necessary corrections throughout the class to ensure they are moving in the correct way whilst performing the exercises. I also advocate that regular exercise is incorporated in their lives as well as my Pilates class.  My class is very functional and so reminds people how to move efficiently, economically and stand in good posture for the rest of the week.

I attend courses on a regular basis to ensure my knowledge is as up to date as possible.