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Osteoporosis affects 1 in 2 women over the age of 50.  I will be attending workshops soon but it is interesting to note the following list to make a plan to help combat osteoporosis: Thoracic extension; Hip extension; Bone loading, Weight bearing, Extension with small range of rotation; Balance; Encouraging lengthening, Exercise; Medication; Diet; Improve […]


I am very excited to attending Cherry Baker’s Pilates weekend on the 3-5 February. During the weekend I will experience a range of Pilates mind and body classes, workshops.  This will in an invaluable weekend to update my knowledge with the top UK Pilates experts.

Foam Roller Refresher Workshop

This workshop was presented by Cherry Baker of Modern Pilates in Glossop.  Highly informative and gave me lots of new ideas of working with the Foam Roller.  The Foam Roller is designed to provide sensory motor challenge, enhances proprioception, heightens anticipatory and reactive response.  It also improves balance, dynamic strength and neural and  muscular flexibility.

Pelvic Floor Function and Dysfunction

I attended this course on Saturday 28th November 2015 and it proved to be very worthwhile. Pelvic Floor weakness is a worldwide problem crossing continents and cultures, affecting men and women across all strata of society.  It is as common in the third world as it is in the West and can affect the young, […]

Clinical Pilates Instructor

Having now attended the three courses, Hip and Knee, Shoulder and Spinal Conditions I am now a qualified  Clinical Pilates Instructor which means I am armed with more knowledge to help the general public with posture related issues/conditions.  

Blackpool Fitness Convention – 21/22 March

This is an Annual event in Blackpool which I attend.  For two days I will be attending numerous Pilates workshops and other fitness master classes.   A great event and I always come back with new ideas.  Looking forward to it.

Shoulder Course

My final course in the Clinical series is the Shoulder Course which I will be attending on 14/15 March 2015 again learning in detail with Physiotherapist support. The course was excellent, very detailed and covered everything a Pilates Teacher needs to know when assessing their clients shoulder related issues.

Hip and Knee, Pelvis and Lower Limb Course

I have just attend the 2nd in the series of courses, Hip and Knee, Pelvis and Lower Limb.  This course has given me great insight into various hip and knee conditions including knee and hip surgery including recommendations on the kind of exercises given to people who have had this kind of surgery. The Pelvis […]

Spinal Conditions course

I have now completed the Spinal Conditions course with Modern Pilates in Leeds, which was very thorough and presented by a team of physiotherapists.  Topics included Anatomy of the spine, The Nervous System, common spinal conditions and case studies, less common spinal conditions.  We also looked at how important posture is when performing tests for segmental control […]

Spinal conditions course

I am going to be attending a series of Clinical Pilates courses over the next few months.  The first one is ‘Spinal Conditions and Diagnostic’  with emphasis on the Spine and Abdominals.  The course date is 13/14 September and  I will post a blog when I have attended to let you know how I found […]