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It was lovely to be able to celebrate my 10 Year Anniversary this year at the Pheasant at Neenton who put on a delicious selection of dishes!  Thank you to all those who shared the afternoon with me.

BARRE PILATES METHOD – new class starting September 2019

I am very excited to be offering a new class, Barre Pilates on a Wednesday evening in my studio.  I recently attended a course and am now qualified to teach Barre Pilates Method.  Having danced for many years I attained a very good level of discipline attaining the RAD Elementary Certificate.  This has given me […]


When you come to be restored through pilates we are working you as a whole, to re-balance the mental, physical and emotional systems that are working within you, take time to do it and your health will thank you later.  Remember this quote: ‘If you do not make time for your wellness, you will be […]

Movement for Life

Media articles and TV documentaries are awash with the message ‘ we must move more and sit less’.  However, the difference between how we were born to move and how we are actually moving today is vast.  We may think we are moving about quite well but the reality is we could be moving so […]


Tightens and tones your body, Calms your mind, Strengthens your spine, Improves flexibility, Creates a long lean look, Improves co-ordination, Flattens your belly, Improves your posture, Corrects imbalances, Prevents injury, Improves athletic performance, Heightens mind-body awareness


Millions of people who suffer back pain have been given further evidence of the benefits of Pilates.  Regular exercisers were more likely to feel less pain than those who did none.  The discipline and certain pilates poses have long been believed to benefit lumbar problems.

Gentle Exercise for the body as well as the Mind

Here are 5 reasons to take up Pilates: 1.It encourages us to think of our body and mind as one:  Many ancient philosophies which remember informed much of our modern medicine – revolve around holistic principles, which basically means that body and mind are linked. 2.It could make you a better runner/cyclist/tennis player: A strong […]