Gentle Exercise for the body as well as the Mind

Here are 5 reasons to take up Pilates:

1.It encourages us to think of our body and mind as one:  Many ancient philosophies which remember informed much of our modern medicine – revolve around holistic principles, which basically means that body and mind are linked.

2.It could make you a better runner/cyclist/tennis player: A strong core, good alignment and even better breathing technique will all help support your body in your body in your fitness pursuits elsewhere.  A good core isn’t just about blitzing those abs crunches, there’s far more to it – and investing a little time in it through Pilates could pay dividends in terms of boosting your overall performance.

3.It can help with chronic pain management: Pilates could become a central, possibly even life-changing, part of how you manage your condition in the long-term, both physically and psychologically.

4.It relieves stress: Pilates really does help us deal with mental and emotional stress.

5.Physiotherapists often recommend it:  When you have a history of injuries or musculoskeletal problems, perhaps associated with back pain it’s easy to think you need to avoid physical activity as much as possible.  Experts are increasingly trying to highlight that, in fact the opposite is true, and staying as regularly active as possible is actually vital in managing such problems

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