Pelvic Floor Function and Dysfunction

I attended this course on Saturday 28th November 2015 and it proved to be very worthwhile. Pelvic Floor weakness is a worldwide problem crossing continents and cultures, affecting men and women across all strata of society.  It is as common in the third world as it is in the West and can affect the young, the old, the fit, the inactive, gymnasts, divers, builders, couch potatoes, those that squat and those that dont!

The muscles that form the pelvic floor are designed to support the abdominal viscera and contain bodily waste until such time as it can be expelled voluntarily.  The muscles must be capable of passively maintaining continence, actively resisting increases in intra-abdominal pressure and eccentrically lengthening to control expulsion of waste matter and perform sexual and reproductive function for 80 years plus – its a big ask!

Exercises incorporating Pelvic Floor Muscles Training (PFMT) can help both men and women to improve continence, independence and confidence in what is perceived as a distressing and embarrassing condition.

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