The flat shoes that really leave your feet in agony!

Every woman knows there’s nothing more flattering than a leg lengthening feel.  But thanks to vertiginous stilettos and chunky wedges being blamed for a host of problems, from bunions to backache, more of us than ever are pushing them to the back of the wardrobe and opting for flats.

Flat shoes, particularly ones that offer little or no support to the foot, can cause just as many serious foot and postural problems. Wearing flat, unsupportive shoes, such as flip-flops and old trainers, causes arches to drop and the ligaments and tendons in the base of the foot to overstretch or tear.  Plantar fasciitis is very common after summer in many people and other equally painful conditions like foot, knee or lower back conditions. That’s because women tend to wear flimsy flat shoes throughout the summer.  These really take their toll on feet, calves, knees and backs.  Wearing very flat shoes creates more stretch through the arch of the foot, which pulls at the heel or base of the big toe joint. These shoes allow the feet to roll, taking the knees inward with them increasing the risk of knee and back pain.

How to make your flats Pain-free

Alternate flat shoes with other heel heights and styles of shoes.  Problems tend to occur when we wear the same style of shoe day in, day out;

Always look for shoes that do up.   Anything with buckles, laces or Velcro straps is likely to offer a reasonable amount of support;

If you walk to work, wear your trainers, then change into your flats when you reach the office;

A few calf stretches after a prolonged period in flat shoes can help to keep muscles loose and minimise strain.


Daily Mail Monday 20 October 2014

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