Standing on one leg

Although you may not have realised it, your balance begins to deteriorate around the age of 40.  Poor balance is associated with an increase in falls and injuries such as wrist and hip fractures, even in middle-aged individuals.   Poor balance is readily apparent if you stand on one leg and shut your eyes.  You may be surprised how much worse your balance is with your eyes closed.  To balance effectively, you need adequate strength in your ankle and hip muscles, good feedback from the nerves in your feet and a functioning cerebellum.

Posture is part of balance. How you hold your body can make a big difference in your balance.  Working on your balance and posture will improve your stability and mobility and prevent many forms of back and neck pain.

Try practising two or three times a day on alternating feet and especially with your  eyes closed.   You will notice a difference within a couple of weeks or months. As you gain ability to stand for longer time, the feeling of ‘head heavy, light feet’ disappears.  You will notice that your sleep improves, the mind clears up and memory improves significantly.



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